Thursday, January 28, 2010


For centuries, farmers and gardeners have used livestock urine as a very effective fertilizer, and for centuries human urine has been used on the battlefield to rinse wounds as it is almost always sterile. Permaculturists have been using human urine either full strength or diluted to varying degrees with water as a wonderful source of organic nitrogen plus minerals and vitamins for decades now. Now more and more formal studies are confirming what many gardeners have known for a long time....using urine as a fertilizer vs. flushing it away not only benefits the growth of all plants, this also saves vast amounts of water. Just think how many times a day you pee then flush!
In Denver all winter long each year I peed into a liquid detergent bottle (some have the perfect size opening to accomodate a penis) then when it was full I'd pour it atop the snow around all my roses, which out front alone numbered 170. When spring would finally come and the soil would thaw, my roses would burst into lush growth and blooms due to that months long accumulation of soil nutrients. Here in Tampa I usually just pee in my chicken/compost path. When I DO pee into the jug (classic 3 AM pee) I pour that around my hungriest plants like my roses and bananas.
Some women permaculturists have told me they pee into a peanut butter jar then dump that where seems that very few women will squat and pee outdoors unless camping. Many men have peed in my yard, but to date, just one woman has. Hey I am too cheap to buy fertilizer, so I encourage any and all who visit me to pee to their heart's content anywhere in my back yard.

Below is a link to one of many articles about the safety and efficacy of using human urine as an ideal liquid organic fertilizer that is FREE and that most of us dispose of, along with several gallons of perfectly good water each time.

All I am saying is.......GIVE PEE A CHANCE!

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