Tuesday, January 5, 2010


NOAA predicted a chilly damp El Nino winter for Florida (we could use more of that dampness!) and boy were they right. After a chilly week we are in for even more sustained cold. While my body does not like it, my five kinds of grapes plus my "Denver Roses" (various Bourbons and Hybrid Perpetuals plus "Fairmount Red") will benefit greatly from getting treated to so much winter dormancy. Anybody in Florida growing the various stone fruits should see benefits too with more blooming and fruiting this spring. Nice to see ice on my birdbaths. Check out the forecast!



  1. Love your blog! I just emailed you bout the salad pots :) Glad I found you on craigslist. You need to come to my farm and get me started hahahah

  2. Thanks, I am having fun with my first ever blogs. Bundle up in this cold! John