Sunday, May 11, 2014

That last rain system nearly refilled that south bed 55 gallon rain barrel that I had brewed that experimental batch of fermented cactus pads fertilizer in, so today I used a machete to hack off lots more cactus and re-stuffed the barrel. When I took off the boat dinghy cover that acts as rain catchment I saw VAST numbers of mosquito larvae almost ready to hatch and fly away, so when I was done adding cactus I sealed it tight with a heavy circular glass table top I scavenged years ago. They'll be trapped, die, decay, add more nitrogen, plus the tight seal will insure anaerobic fermentation. I'm cutting the center top out of another 55 gallon drum and will set it in the center food forest for on-site creation of liquid fertilizer based on cactus pads, fish carcasses and seaweed from the beach, chicken poop, moringa leaves and picuda leaves. I do few things precisely, but I'm guessing the ferment time is three weeks. Waste not, want not!

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