Sunday, May 11, 2014

I am relishing my first ever batch of low sodium "cultured vegetables" that due to my last fridge dying slowly spent 2 months at room temp....much like kimchi or sauerkraut but less salty plus crisper. But since I love to experiment, rather than pull out the hard to use/clean food processor and make a new big batch today, I just chopped/added a wild mix of veggies right into the quart canning went: whole baby carrots, chopped leeks and "Indian Shallot" and "Filipino Mexican Tree Peppers", leaves of moringa, bidens, purslane, Tree kale, collards, plus whole garlic cloves, aerial bulblets of Allium canadense, 1/2 young pad of thornless opuntia cactus chopped. I added a big pinch of brown sugar to feed the bacteria that make the lactic acid, several big splashes of That fish sauce, and about a heaping teaspoon of salt, topped with filtered water. The cap is on but loose enough to let pressure escape. I'll taste it after a month in a dark corner of the kitchen counter

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