Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My original plant of "Filipino Mexican Tree Pepper" was planted in the ground many years ago, before the drought settled in, and each year averaged 5' X 5' and bore hundreds if not thousands of hot peppers annually. Each spring I'd cut it back hard and feed it like a rose and it would regrow like crazy. Then I lost it a few years ago after 2 nights of 27 degrees. Thankfully 2 years ago I found some old pods in an envelope and have it again. Now I have seedlings in a pot I am dividing today.....3 go to Mary Jo recently gave one to Charlei and her hubby Nate. I'll keep at least 3 as I want to go back to bulk hot sauce making. This plant is thriving in an 18 gallon Water Wise Container Garden, and in about 6 weeks I'll have red ripe pods to mail to folks...oddly, Allen Boatman and I discovered the hard way that the pods need to be dried for a few weeks indoors until very brittle for the seeds to germinate. The pic of my hand with peppers was taken in the good old days of the original plant.

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