Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So many dog treats from China are killing dogs, but even the "safe" ones made here have ingredients I find scary. Cracker does not like crunchy dog biscuits like Sweety did...he wants the soft chewy ones that come in sealed bags, which I've tasted...quite sweet even if the label says beef or bacon. So I'll try my own versions of this recipe, substituting sweet potatoes for the carrots as I have a vast abundance from the front yard, plus I'll cook some bacon lightly, puree it, and add it to the slurry for flavor. The chemically store bought ones are SO pricey! My neighbor Theresa often gives me half or more of a baked chicken from the one I'll strip off the meat, boil the bones for a broth, puree it all with some garden greens and freeze to flavor a batch of chewies with because he LOVES to eat cooked chicken.

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  1. Publix bacon cut into two inch strips with kitchen scissors, cooked slowly with the lid on with a scant teaspoon of sugar sprinkled on (I've tasted many jerky treats, almost candy!) until cooked and still flexible, NOT browned, drained on paper towel, keep in fridge. My first batch 2 days ago made me 105 treats from 1 pound of bacon that is usually $6.99 a pound but it was buy 2/get one free. I gave that first batch to my neighbor Theresa behind for when we visit 3-4 times a week, am making some shortly for here. Cheaper than the pet snacks and SAFE and he LOVES them!