Monday, May 12, 2014

Dandelions for Florida is something a number of us have been discussing the last couple of months; Paul Zmoda is growing them well in Riverview, and I had a few pop up in my driveway...I'm guessing I dropped seeds that Paul gave me. I found a wonderful surprise in my mailbox today....Maggie Burton in Indiana mailed me this vast quantity of dandelion seeds! In Denver each spring, cooked dandelion greens splashed with hot pepper vinegar were a staple after those LONG winters and no garden fresh greens. I'll try a few now as a long shot in the heat and for SURE will sow a bunch this fall. Storing them in the fridge until then should boost germination. Paul says to go ahead and sow some now so I will. I love the taste plus it has been known to be medicinal for centuries. People up north HATE them in their lawns and use all manner of herbicides on them vs. eating them, so a few of us are hoping to get selections that THRIVE vs. just survive here. I'm not sure who Maggie is but I'm guessing someone on FaceBook who saw the ongoing kind of her!

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