Sunday, June 24, 2012

Year after year I consider raising crickets for food.

People tell me that they taste like the coating on KFC when deep fried, and I've read that some theaters in New York and California sell them like popcorn. Maybe I'll raise some for my poultry and give them a try. Some people freeze them to death before deep frying, which I'd be inclined to do.


  1. I watched a TED talk on the topic of using insects for protein sources. I don't normally like TED since they are generally from the viewpoint of the elite and involve just so much more technocratic social planning, but this one made a lot of sense. It also pointed out that we already eat things that are pretty close to insects like shrimp - I've long called shrimp the "cockroaches of the sea" despite loving them. Of course, the aversion to eating insects is a very Western trait as many cultures have a long history with them. I'd be interested to hear of your results if you go through with this.

  2. Thanks Todd. In my early 20s I said I'd NEVER eat sushi or raw oysters, but for years now they've been two of my very favorite foods....I will try to relocate the site by a professor on raising crickets for food to share here plus consider if nothing else but to raise poultry food. I've been working up to this by now and then eating produce from the gardens with aphids or ants on it.