Monday, June 25, 2012

Jamaican Cherry: Mutingia calabura I realized recently that when I tried to root cuttings of the one Jamaican Cherry tree I knew of some years back before it died in a freeze, I had taken cuttings of younger branches whose interiors reminded me of styrofoam....they always failed and QUICKLY. So today I took approx. 30 cuttings from truly woody branches of varying maturity and stuck them in a giant plastic cookie jar a neighbor gave me. BUT...unlike those past efforts, instead of various fancy rooting mediums I used damp Tampa "sugar sand" I have many pots of from burying a 55 gallon Water Wise Container Garden. I dipped some in rooting powder, some not. I placed the jar in my shady SW corner, beneath a plastic lawn chair with a plastic cutting board on the seat as a rain shield until Debby passes. After that I will remove the rain shield and put the jar lid on loosely. With the summer heat here now I figure that if this new approach works I'll see roots at the bottom of the cookie jar in 4-6 weeks. Being a reliable source of this delicious, ridiculously fast growing but rare tropical fruit tree could do wonders for my income from my Honor System plant sales tables.

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