Monday, June 25, 2012

Interesting....I've never seen A Paper Mulberry set fruit.

Until recently I've been hating/battling invasive suckers from the one east of me, but after noticing how much the Muscovy ducks love eating the leaves, I've decided to see it as I do my Perennial Sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia, which years ago I called "Giant Fucking Daisy" until learning its true ID) on-site source of rapidly growing biomass to use in my sheet composting and hugel kultur efforts. By harvesting routinely from the half dozen or so male clones in my back yard I'd be able to control their size while giving me more than bagged oak leaves from neighbors for my mulch layers. I'm guessing that the stalks will be a good source of lignin for my sandy south Tampa soil. Since I've gotten 9 inches of rain in three days, now would be a good time to cut off branches and laying them atop the leaf mulch layer. See the great video below.

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