Friday, June 22, 2012

Rooster Soup

I placed the frozen carcass in about 2 gallons of rain water, added Light Salt and roasted sesame oil, then chopped in the following harvests from the gardens:  leaves of Moringa, Pig Chaya, Sweet Potato, Pig Weed then the last of the winter carrots and a bell pepper. Next in goes leaves of Egyptian Multiplier Onion, molokhiya, perennial scallion, katuk, plus some Thai hot peppers. As the broth develops, I might add a splash of soy sauce and fermented tofu. For additional nutritional value I will add a generous sprinkle of food grade diatomaceous earth (for dietary silica), some iodine, a sprinkle of Epsom salts (sulfur and magnesium), and pickling lime (calcium). If as I hope I am trapped indoors the next two days by heavy rains, this soup will add to my joy!

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