Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jamaican Cherry

I just feasted on many that had dropped to the ground when I was visiting Dad, and smashed into damp soil in a 1 gallon pot those that had been nibbled by bugs. Past efforts years ago in varying soil mixes always saw EXCELLENT RAPID germination, but then the seedlings would refuse to grow regardless of soil mixes,  nutrients, pH. etc. This little experiment today used just garden soil. I will do several more pots,  try plain sand, perlite, and try fish emulsion, 20-20-20 hydroponic fertilizer, chicken poop tea, dilute urine. I am currently trying to layer three branches using sun killed Spanish Moss (too cheap to buy sphagnum moss!) plus I will again try cuttings with various methods even though that always failed in years past before I owned my first one to experiment continually with. Success could do wonders for my income AND get this wonderful fruit in MANY yards where it belongs.

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