Monday, May 9, 2011

Today on the farm...

When I left my gym at the Joe Abraham's Fitness Center at Ballast Point here in south Tampa I went across the street to the stables Sail Away Farms and got three 4 gallon buckets of "Super Poop" from their grooming sawdust, just pure poop and pee and hoof trimmings and horse hair.....nitrogen heaven. Some of it went to two calabazas in buried 55 gallon Water Wise Container Gardens who then got deeply watered, some to roses out front, some to Quail Grass in a buried storage tub Water Wise Container Garden...the rest gets brewed this week into a tonic tea for my roses inventory. I stopped at south Tampa's restaurant 'Artifacts' later and got my daily bucket of kitchen scraps and left them pads of thornless opuntia cactus and Thai Peppers and Lesbos basil. Tonight I fill an order for Velvet Bean seeds I got in the mail, plus stash in my workout room the beautiful piece of mirror that Jim Porter gave me yesterday after the Rare Fruit Council meeting for me to use on the livingroom floor revamp. The Muscovy ducklings are almost ducks already, so I've Googled duck slaughter as a reluctant omnivore whose soul (but not body) is vegan but who wants to avoid factory farmed meat by raising chickens and ducks in a benign rural farm environment.

I am daily pulling up seedlings of Vigna unguicultata and Velvet Bean emerging in this heat in a new effort to control these very productive food and medicinal crops as they can swallow up papayas and climbing roses and more. The chickens and ducks readily eat them.

I got cited by the city a second time for havinng too much growth on my front fences...if he refers to the perennial morning glory I also loathe vs. my climbing roses I agree and am determined to eliminate the scourge of Ipomaea acuminata from my property. It is a lovely scourge  that I now regret having purchased. So I am chopping back hard my freeze-damaged Tithonia diversifolia and my too-lush Rosa Bracteata and using that to deep mulch my bananas after being inspired by attending the Sunday meeting of the Tampa Rare Fruit Council....the informative presentation was about home cultivation of bananas. South Tampa is now MUCH too dry for bananas for years now so guess who will be piling trimmings of everything around his bananas?

Smelly eggs in the incubator suggest that one or more of the boys is shooting blanks.

That one plant I grew this winter of Ethiopian Kale (Brassica carinata) that Mary Jo gave me seeds of that she bought from the good folks at  today gave me a huge ripe tan seed havest, easily  1/4 cup. Since folks liked the tender mild leaves raw or cooked, I look forward to sharing seedlings with friends this fall.

Now off to enjoy fine music and videos while nicely altered and tending to tasks....

koo koo ka CHOO!


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