Friday, May 27, 2011

'Super Poop" News

Yesterday I flung 2 four gallon buckets of it atop a new layer of oak leaves and woody yard waste to build up the soil in a fenced off area that last winter grew 'Bonar' and 'Barnapoli' rapes for me and the poultry, and that is now home to a 4 foot tall loquat that Mary Jo gave me. Before I did  that I planted a few sprouted chunks of two kinds of sweet potatoes for cooling edible groudcover plus tubers next winter. I just now got in from the gym (across the street from my stables) with three more buckets that will go around citrus trees before I indulge them in a rare deep watering during this harsh spring drought. Work on my pecs then come home with free "Super Poop".....hey, life is good!  John

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