Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Please Help Me Identify This Mystery Tropical Fruit

Yesterday I scavenged a lot of veggie and fruit scraps for me and my poultry from an open air produce market. The young chickens and ducks LOVED having their first watermelons. I found a whole case of this fruit that at first I thought were small durians, but in place of an aromatic sweet pulp the interior is a tough  starchy amalgam of chewy seeds and starchy fiber. My best Googling tells me it is a "seeded breadfruit" but I'd love to hear from someone who knows. Raw it was bland and tough at best, ZERO fruitiness, so I sliced one into "steaks" and browned them, slowly, covered to trap the steam, in coconut oil and palm oil with sea salt. I am a garbage gut guy who can enjoy a very wide range of foods, but I ate a few bites of the tough center and squeaky  plasticy seeds then no more. For me, whatever it is, it is right up there with Tampa Bay stingray as something I don't wish to eat again. I am leaving out a few, with their paper wrap and plastic bag removed, to see IF they ripen into a sweet fruit. But I am not holding my breath. Any ideas as to what they are? John


  1. John, I have no clue! When I saw it I thought durian and almost pinched my nose closed as it smells like something dead to me. I hope you figure out what it is.

  2. jackfruit - the one i had was sweet - sticky, yes, but sweet and delicious

    love your blog - very inspiring

  3. Raw jack fruit.it can made in to delicious curry.u just need some indian spice to cook it.