Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Super Poop Update

Normally I ride my bike to my gym, the Joe Abrahams Fitness Center, but lately I've been taking the van and three 5 gallon buckets to get the "Super Poop" from the stables across the street, Sail Away Farms. This is not the usual wood shavings based stall sweepings, but pure poop, urine, horse hair and hoof trimmings in large buckets on the concrete grooming platform. Last week I gave most of it to my bananas I am trying to revive despite the drought with deep mulching and an occasional deep watering. Over the weekend I got 1.6 inches of rain from a Gulf  storm system, so now I am using the "Super Poop" to brew a potent "tea" in various rain barrels to give to my roses and other plants growing in above ground  and buried Water Wise Container Gardens. This is something I will be doing far more often throughout the year from now on to nourish my soil. It takes little time and costs a little gas as the gym and stables are just a few minutes away. John

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