Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Long Hot" Peppers

Yesterday I bought a good sized bag of these, fresh, labelled "Long Hot",  for $2.01, just out of curiosity, at the awesome Farmer's Market on east Hillsborough Avenue here in Tampa. The seedless portions of the pods have the taste and texture of an excellent bell pepper, but the portions with seeds have a heat approaching Thai Peppers. I am assuming it is a cultivar of Capsicum annuam, and look forward to seeing what comes of the seeds I took out from a few pods today. I will dry them indoors for a week or so before sowing them in a pot of compost. Today I made a HUGE pot of Indian dahl using some of the yellow split peas I got cheap at the market ( 25 pounds for $12.99!) and along with the asa foetida spice and garam masala and onions and garlic, I added a few of these pods, chopped, for some low-key heat. YUM!  John

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