Monday, May 2, 2011

Japanese Hot Peppers

Last week while in north Tampa dropping off goodies at Tim's place and Mary Jo's, I stopped at a largely black and hispanic store on Nebraska north of MLK Blvd. I believe called Mega Mart as I recall. My visit was quick as Cracker was in the car but I spotted some good bargains plus grabbed this bag of peppers in hopes the seeds will be viable as I am planning on growing MANY more hot peppers from now on. This morning while shucking the abundant seeds from the pods I nibbled one....really good heat without being searing, and a surprising sweetness to the wall of the pod. IF they sprout, I guess I won't know for a couple of years if they are Capsicum annuam or Capsicum frutescens. Last year I did this with a bag of hot peppers from Thailand and got great germination; a bag of Arbol peppers gave me no seedlings. I recently bought another smaller bag of Arbol peppers to try again. What I like about this is that, sprouts or not, I can run the pods through a blender and use them as hot pepper flakes.  John

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