Saturday, May 28, 2011

Keep Your Molokhiya WET!!

A heads up to anyone growing it for the first wants WET soil and LOVES nitrogen. I grow mine only in Water Wise Container Gardens, or in large pots I can set into a tray of standing water. For big tender leaves give it lots of nitrogen like from horse manure tea, fish emulsion, human urine, etc. I've been selling plants to folks from The Philippines, Egypt etc. where it is familiar hot weather crop. In good conditions the growth rate is phenomenal, with 6-8 feet in height by midsummer likely IF it is given oodles of water.I love the leaves raw in salads, sandwiches or in omelets and stir fry dishes. John

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  1. John, I'll keep that in mine. I just ordered some seeds from Kitazawa seed co. I'm waiting for March to start. Thx