Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wacky Hat Firepit Potluck Party here February 19, 7 PM until.....

Hey folks,

I have not had a Wacky Hat Party here since I stopped returning to Denver in 2002....I'd say it's time!! Just show up with yummy food and adorned in a ludicrous hat you make, buy or dumpster dive (see samples of hats past!). I will have 4 pounds of "Rocket Fuel" for folks to toss handfuls of onto the hot coals, but I am low on firewood, so feel free to bring wood scraps from your yard you'd like to see burned this chilly La Nina winter I bet we are assured of a cold night that a grand fire would add pleasure and comeraderie to. As usual there is no theme to the food.....I just ask a minimal emphasis on desserts, and keep in mind maybe half here will be omnivores like me and half vegetarian or vegan. I will make a huge salad from the gardens with a vegan dressing. I will also have fried African Yellow Yams. I will also boast my long unused "rotten hilbilly teeth" insert which looks even "better" if I eat a Reese's cup while wearing them.....if no handsome men attempt to kiss me, I will understand why!

Gardeners....feel free to bring seeds and envelopes, plus cuttings/plants you'd like to share in informal swaps throughout the night vs. a structured event. I will have cool seeds to share for sure.

For those who've not been here, my address is: 3212 West Paxton Avenue Tampa FL 33611 Ph. 813 839 0881 I hope this much notice allows lots of folks to plan on attending. Just park all along Paxton Avenue. My Dad gave me a big new fridge some months back so I will have lots of room for beer, wine and food.

I hope to see you (and your Wacky Hats) that evening as we celebrate good food, friends and the approach of spring.


'The only normal people are the ones you don't know well'. unknown

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