Friday, January 14, 2011

Thanks for the first-ever financial donation to my blog!!

"John, I've gotten a lot of great information from your blog, and shared it with lots of people. Anything to keep you inspired to keep writing. Good luck with the cold!

Travis Malloy"

Not only has Travis and his wife taken a couple of my classes, now he's donated $20 to my efforts via the PayPal donation button at the bottom of my blog...thanks Travis!

 Thanks too to my longtime landscape customer and friend Donna Bevis for giving me a printer/scanner MUCH better than the haunted one I'd bought new but always struggled with, plus a wonderful receiver for my sound system, for promoting my classes and landscape consultations, and helping me to inform the mayor and city council of the severely plant-damaging effects of Tampa's reclaimed water high in chlorides and sodium that ravaged her Davis Island Old Roses garden and landscape in general I helped her and her hubby Larry tend since 1987.

  Thanks to the folks who attend my classes, buy my plants with my front porch honor system, and who give me empty used pots. I very much appreciate all the support!


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