Sunday, January 23, 2011


Today I created my first restaurant waste-powered worm bin from a white plastic 55 gallon barrel my friend Tim gave me. A dumpster-dived jig saw let me easily cut out the top INSIDE the barrel rim (to preserve rigidity I learned the hard way some years back). Using a pencil-thick bit, I then perforated the sides of the barrel with many dozens of holes to improve air flow. I will rely on pulled weeds and wood chips from a tree trimming service to hopefully aereate the layers of waste from a restaurant just three blocks north of me that now readily feeds my poultry as I provide fresh greens for their menu. I plan on making two more vermiculture barrels as the restaurant produces FAR more waste than my chickens and ducks can eat. Bulk production of worm poop seems to me to be very much worth looking into and implementing as a means of improving soil fertility, improving the health and egg production of my chickens and ducks since the worms themselves are coveted by both. Total "win win" ! 

I am again sharing this 1980s music video I  thankfullyl learned of recently, and have become as enamored of it as I am
of 'Drive' by The  Cars as it is proving to be fuel for my creative efforts, especially when I am altered. I find  it to be exquisitely trippy.


  1. Coulda, shoulda, woulda brought some of my red wigglers to you on Saturday... lol. I have a five-tray worm condo. I love to use the rich, rich, "soil" that I harvest from the bins in my plantings.


  2. are a goldmine. Let's arrange a meet up so I can give you cool plants/seeds/a chicken in thanks for your generous support Jim. What part of town are you in? Again, thanks for delighting my Dad with those lovely bamboo corms! John 813 839 0881