Monday, January 17, 2011

Jamaican Cherry

I used to know someone who grew this VERY fast growing tropical shrub/tree and I can eat hundreds of the yummy fruits filled with HUNDREDS of EXTREMELY tiny seeds that always germinated quickly for me, as did seeds I've bought. Problem is, the seedlings JUST WON'T GROW for me, regardless of soil or nutrients or time of year. They stay impossibly teensy, frozen in time. The oddly styrofoam-like branches would never root for me either. And I want a HEDGE of it! The flavor of the fruits is divine, maybe a mix of watermelon and cotton candy, and the shrub itself is extremely productive year round. If you know how to grow the seeds please tell me! And if you live in a very mild area where hard frosts are rare, give growing this gem a try....IF you can find one. John

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