Monday, January 17, 2011

Barter with my local blog readers

I like how an informal form of commerce exists between the folks I know as we freely share and sometimes trade items we scavenge curbside or from dumpsters, or things we grow and raise like eggs and fresh produce. I have a VAST selection of food crops seeds and edible food crops plants (cassava, Thai hot peppers, edible thornless Opuntia cactus, Chaya, perennial native garlic, various yams). In the spring I will have MANY fresh eggs daily, and have oodles of fresh arugula right now, and I'd love to barter with local folks who might have the following:

1. A powerful box fan to run in my bedroom window each current one is quite wimpy.

2. Hand pruners with cross over blades to use on my roses

3. Stepping stones

4. BIG sheets of mirror to help revamp the trippy livingroom floor

5. A rhizome of dwarf yellow canna "lily"

6. Barbados Cherry

7. Jamaican Cherry  (Muntingia calabura)

8. Newly expired gallons of milk for my cheese making

9. Stainless steel saucepans

10. An electric hand drill.

Holler if you want to swap!  John


  1. A bag of cement (< $4) will make a bunch of stepping stones, depending on your mold size. And you can get quite artsy-crafty with it too :^)

    Just spray/wipe your mold with veg oil first (as a mold release). Pour in your mixed cement, and decorate.

    I like to use the round, flimsy plastic water-catcher trays that people put under indoor planters. But, really, anything the depth, shape, and size you desire can be used for a mold (think old fry pans, etc.)


  2. Thanks Jim, great idea. Years ago I made some by pouring the concrete into "molds" I made by excavating soil in the ground. They ended up looking like artificial fossils due to leaves and twigs that rotted out.