Thursday, January 20, 2011

Energy Abundance in Our Yards

Just look at how much energy from the sun lands on our homes and yards, day after day, just waiting to be used! To heck with oil gained by taking it from peoples around the planet by killing them in their own countries as a by-product of "spreading democracy" and "freedom"  (America,  "Land of the Free", has the highest rate of incarceration of its citizens of any country in the world). Cooking some of my food and heating my daily shower water with simple solar methods, enjoying cannabis, and growing much of my food is, for me, a robust and healthy  response to the empire-building that the Founding Fathers warned against. I am so thankful to the pragmatic "tinkerers" who discover and create then apply simple solar concepts for us to play with, explore, and possibly embrace as alternatives to the fossil fuel-based energy grid. I am a tightwad and love free hot shower water! John

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