Wednesday, January 12, 2011

good energy

For me, there is an intimate link between  good gardening, good friends and food, soulful solitude, and stirring music, with or without cannabis. I love this energetic yet eloquent performance of my favorite symphony 'Appalachian Spring' is right up there for me with 'I Am The Walrus', 'My Sweet Lord', 'Fall' (by Single Gun Theory), 'Hey Jude', 'Why' by Yoko Ono, 'Sailing' and the theme song for 'Twin Peaks'. If you have the time, relish all three video segments of this stellar live performance. John


  1. Hey john you should jam to some rusted root : )

    From one friend to another -Peace-

  2. Thanks I will look up that group. Looks like last night's freeze was not as severe as predicted due to the frost on my car and just a thin layer of ice on bird baths vs. frozen solid like last time. My frost tender plants, like my tomatoes, are in pots I brought in. The brassicas, sugar snap peas, my roses and grapes are benefiting from this chilly La Nina winter. John