Sunday, April 18, 2010

A wonderfully drippy Sunday in central Florida

Our El Nino wet winter had shut down like someone flicked a switch, with us VERY dry the last two weeks or so, and I'd used up all my many buckets of rain water plus emptied all three rain barrels and had begun to water. So to have what had been a forecast for a slim chance of rain today go up yesterday, then to have brief waves of rain arrive last night as I "altered", then to wake up to a drippy Sunday with a slow steady rain and buckets and barrels filling, is a total delight. The downside is that I will likely have no students for today's Summer Tropical Veggies class...odd how so often rain DOES occur on weekends when I teach! That was the only downside to the El Nino winter for income took a real hit due to many classes being rained out. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. Check out this forecast! The vetch patch was getting quite dry...this sloow soaking will do it wonders. John

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