Monday, April 26, 2010

Freezing Surplus Eggs

Chickens lay just about daily all summer, but as the autumn daylengths shorten they taper off, with often no eggs at all some weeks in winter. So here is a tip I learned in Denver 20 years ago: crack your surplus eggs into your blender, add a teaspoon of salt, buzz the eggs, then pour into yogurt, cottage cheese tubs, etc. label with a felt tip and freeze. They will keep a year EASILY. As last night's wonderful rain storm raged, I enjoyed a savory, hearty 5 cheese broccoli/snap pea/onion quiche, my first quiche in years, due to thawing out the day before a big tub of frozen eggs.

These days I add a few drops of tincture of iodine to many foods I cook plus to these raw eggs in the blender to mimic the old style Japanese seacoast diet very rich in iodine as the health benefits of iodine supplementation are legion. In Japan, iodine is added to the chickens' food to insure that Japanese who've abandoned old ways of eating for Western style fast food get dietary iodine by default. The U.S. RDA for iodine is 83-100 times LOWER than most other developed nations...our RDA barely prevents goiter vs. meeting our bodies' actual needs. A bottle of tincture is about $1.25...the skull and cross bones on the bottle we grew up with is the result of Big Pharm bribing congressman decades ago to keep the public from self treating a wide range of health issues with what doctors then called The Master Nutrient they administered to patients as Lugol's Solution, which substitutes water for the food grade ethyl alcohol in the tincture we put on cuts......same kind of underhanded chicanery that got cannabis declared dangerous and illegal after having been in the US pharmacopoeia!

So all summer each summer, make a point to freeze eggs for those lean winter months. John

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