Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My current Universe Wish List

An essential aspect of my attempts to cultivate a pleasant, largely self sufficient life for almost 20 years has been to post on my refrigerator door a "Universe Wish List", in part to focus my efforts as a self employed man since 1984, to keep my eyes peeled for desired items curbside and in dumpsters, and because I have ample reason to believe in The Power of Attraction. That wish list helped me to find and buy my "Old Man House" here on Paxton Avenue, my wonderfully reliable 1998 Dodge Caravan minivan, plus too many other treasures and blessings to list, including some of the wonderful plants I grow and eat, and long sought Old Roses, like my beloved 'Louis XIV'. A few times daily I say outloud "Thank You Universe" after noticing new evidence of abundance in my life.

So in the spirit of continued faith and casting a wider net I am posting here my current refrigerator door "Universe Wish List".

Universe Wish List April 2010:

10 foot rebars
big flatscreen TV
battery charger
Rosy and her fetal baby prosper
"new" refrigerator
Mr. Clean Magic Sponges
giant crystal for center of livingroom ceiling
"new" back door
Bern's Steak House throne for my Gay Trailer Trash on Acid livingroom
mirror plexi-security dome for livingroom ceiling
Bush regime face justice
1 gallon sapphire blue paint for kitchen project
"new" kitchen sink
2 pounds of rhinestones for livingroom walls
Theresa Y. make the right decisions
an ideal life partner for Avena
free dry dog and cat food for poultry
big slabs of mirror for livingroom floor
dark blue or olive bath towels
landscape flood lights
tea strainer
"new" office mini-blinds
generate a $5,000 windfall with my efforts
bird seed
mirror plexi-tubes for livingroom ceiling
potent cannabis
long plexi-mirror strips for livingroom walls and ceiling

Thank You Universe, John


  1. Aren't those Mr Clean Magic erasers something else. They are great! Eddie

  2. Yes and a slob like me needs all the help I can get! John

  3. Mirror floors and 2 lb of rhinestones for walls?? A bad dream from the too much watching of the DIY channel??? LOL too cute, must see when completed!