Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Magic 8" Allergy Tea

I discovered this remarkably effective herbal tea treatment for allergies in the spring of 2003...fifteen years in Denver had wiped out my immunity to Tampa's infamous spring oak pollen that literally coats cars etc. with a yellow visible film.....my allergy reaction was debilitating. Claritan and all those make me feel creepy, plus I believe in addressing root causes. This tea has no ephedra or other symptoms maskers...it seems to go right to the heart of the problem. One tea bag per WEEK for three weeks "fixed" my oak allergy....now I get just a slight touch of sneezes then that stops. Last spring, Sweety, like many Tampa dogs, reacted both with respiratory issues plus a heart-breaking skin inflammation that led to hot spots. But just one cup of the tea from one tea bag, mixed into her daily high fiber stew, weekly for three weeks, also "fixed" her. I have turned many Tampa friends onto it for them and their dogs and they too are walking commercials for it. I find the listing of herbs on the box intriguing. I get 24 tea bags for $4.99 at the "Oceanic Market" (a huge Chinese market with a loyal following) in downtown Tampa. But I am guessing other Asian stores would carry it, plus maybe one can buy it on-line. So if you are enduring "allergy hell" I enthusiastically suggest you give it a try! John


  1. I sure do wish you had your classes written up where I could buy it, especially the ones about the chickens and the hot weather veggie gardening. I'd pay the $20.00 for a paper copy!!!!!!

  2. Thanks but I don't see how I could type up a two hour exchange between me and students. Maybe time I try making videos of my classes? John