Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Favorite Broccoli

Since 1984, both first in Tampa, and then in Denver, then Tampa again these last several winters back home, 'Waltham 29' has been the most rewarding broccoli cultivar I've grown. It came out in 1954 when I was just one year old, and I fully expect to grow old cultivating and enjoying this very productive open-pollinated heirloom broccoli (I guess I'm heirloom too!). It makes nice sized, tender flavorful main heads, then after those are harvested, oodles of side branches each topped with florets. I am getting ready to blanch and freeze for summer a lot of the great tasting leaves and florets I use all winter in salads and omelets, but to use in cooked dishes until next late September when I will sow it again. I like to sear the fresh florets with chopped onions in HOT olive oil with tons of garlic plus seasalt. John

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