Thursday, April 1, 2010

Water Wise Container Gardens for Starting Seeds In

About a year ago I spied a giant stack of plastic pharmacy trays in a drugstore dumpster and since I am a packrat, I grabbed it, KNOWING I'd think of cool uses for them. And I have. By drilling 8-10 holes on the sides, about 1.25 inches from the bottom, I turn each one into a Water Wise Container Garden perfect for starting seeds in. That lower 1.25 inches of soil stays damp, so losses of seedlings to drying out is a thing of the past. Plus it takes MUCH less water to keep the medium ( 1/2 home made compost, 1/2 greenhouse potting mix) damp. I use sections of miniblind to separate the differing groups of seedlings, and to label each. It has been a chilly spring, but by laying a piece of plexiglass across the top, with a small gap left to release surplus heat, I am getting super early germination from heat loving seeds like molokhiya. Oh how I love dumpster diving and the creative processes that great finds can trigger!


  1. JOhn, do you have a order button or link for summer seeds? Things to plant now?


  2. Thanks for asking, I need to offer soon the seeds of those summer crops. John