Sunday, April 11, 2010

A New Scoop on Poop

By placing these discarded plastic baker's racks beneath where some of my chickens roost, then covering them with scavenged pine needles, I ended up with a wonderful "tea bag" for compost tea. I let the chickens poop on it a few months to get a nice heavy layer of poop, then take it out of the henhouse, let it dry in the sun a few days, peel the pine needle/manure mat from the baker's rack, and soak it in maybe 20 gallons of rainwater for a couple of weeks. The end result is a wonderful elixir for seedlings, established plants, peonies and roses, and other hungry, rapidly growing plants. It can be used straight, or diluted any number of ways. There is nothing like fresh poop from home raised, free range chickens to feed your soil with, especially when brewed into a "tea". John

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