Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love how sunlight changes as we orbit our star

My bathroom window faces south, and so it acts as my "Stonehendge" for short winter days. I love that very first day each fall when the sun gets low enough to send beams to the suspended crystals there. In Denver that would trigger winter depression in me if I did not use light treatments beginning each mid August to pre-empt SADS. But here it means our most abundant veggie growing season is here. All the Brassicas, plus peas and carrots and tomatoes, and tons more, all made possible by the cooler temps and lower humidity. Great sleeping weather too most nights, bedroom window open.

Plus my beloved roses bloom best in late winter into spring. This year is especially nice after that chilly, wet, El Nino winter my body did not like, but my gardening mind appreciated big time.

I am familiarizing myself with my barely used video cam and needed download software, now that I think I finally "get it", by loading to YouTube old silent movie bits I took with my older Olympus. I found this one I shot some years back when the backyard was far more open, with a full view of the sky. But to this day I love this annual earth/solar event that has such a profound affect on my food gardens.

For a few years now, another sign of shortening autumn days is on my bathroom window sill.....a solar-powered songbird model I dumpster dived years ago breaking into song for the first time one fall day when the sun dips low enough for the first time. I love my UnderSea Fantasy Bathroom, which was the first room I tripped out ten years upon realizing this is my last house that I fully enjoy living in until, hopefully, I am 94 (my grandpa's age). I had no idea at the time years ago that it would in turn trigger my livingroom. John

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