Saturday, March 6, 2010

Raising Rabbits for Meat

I've been considering raising New Zealand Whites in my spacious quail pen (the quail are quite the hassle) for some time now....this reinforces the notion. Killing them WOULD be intense however. John

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  1. Hi John~

    Although we are not raising meat bunnies at this time, we did up in N.E. Ohio many years ago. Easy to do; the meat was not fatty and tasted great.

    We now have a pet bunny, Boo-Pooh(last name because of the ample fertilizer he gives to me EVERY day:). He is a gentle little Lion-head variety that we were gifted nearly two years ago by some lovely folks through The Barefoot Gardening Group.

    As he is so very quiet, and we live on a very tiny footprint of ground; my hope and dream is that we could also start with 2 doe meat rabbits and 1 buckling again soon. They are so neat!

    Blessings for abundance,

    Theresa @ Gathered Blessings @ Tindel Den Cottage over in Lake Wales