Friday, March 12, 2010

A C Greenfix Vetch

I am testing a strain of vetch normally grown in summer by northern farmers as a nitrifying cover and grazing crop. It is called 'Greenfix Chickling', and I treated the large seeds with a rhizobia bacteria strain specifically for it to insure it forms root nodules that convert atmospheric nitrogen into natural nitrate fertilizer. I am trying it as a winter crop atop my dormant sweet potato patch and hope it gets tall enough for me to harvest armfuls to feed to the chickens and quail. Before these wonderful rains came I spread a thin layer of urine soaked horse stall sweepings over the whole area, so I hope to see lush growth sooner. It has grown quickly in this chilly damp weather, and I am struck by how the foliage resembles an ornamental perennial Lathyrus (Sweet Pea) species seen commonly in Denver. I will try to remember to take pics soon and share them here and at my urban farm blog. I will be curious to see if it succumbs to the humid summer heat as I expect....I would be delighted if it proved to be perennial! John

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