Thursday, March 18, 2010

100% Free Rain Collector

My friend Tim Vadnais gives me 55 gallon drums that held food grade propylene glycol used to cool beer and soda pop systems, and I use them to make rain barrels and buried 55 gallon Water Wise Container Gardens. Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day in Tampa, and after doing other chores and enjoying a great work out at the nearby Joe Abrahams Fitness Center, I indulged in getting "altered" and plunging headlong into completing/doing projects I've procrastinated on as I love the energtic, creative mindset that cannabis cultivates in me. So I FINALLY did an item that had been on my To Do list for ages....used a barrel and a plastic cover from a dingy boat I scavenged curbside two years ago to make a rain collector and barrel for the southern most garden area out back. I used a dumpster dived jig saw to cut out the center of the top of the barrel, leaving the rim intact for rigidity, set the dingy cover atop that, added an old Tampa street brick I scrounged years ago to hold it down, then used a dumpster-dived 7/8 inch paddle bit to drill two holes at the lowest point. I will see the next time I get a good downpour if I need to drill a third hole or not. Since it looks somewhat unsightly, and I am doing my best to make my yard look less like a Third World dumpster diving packrat lives and gardens here, I positioned in front of it a newly made and planted Restricted Drainage Pot in which I'd planted a roadside sugar cane plant I dug up south of Okeechobee the last time I drove my Dad to Big Pine Key to see his then-ailing, now-deceased sister Ola Mae. I will hide the bottom of the sugar cane pot with 6 inches of oak leaves. Sugar cane grows FAST in summer here, and by July it should largely hide the Water Collector and barrel. Here are pics of the Water Collector's component, and my Dad and Ola Mae from that last trip. Enjoy, John


  1. Hi John,
    Very resourceful! I wanted to get some seeds from you. I emailed you my questions regarding the seeds growth habits for up north. Also maybe some of those bean like vines that you have. Check your e mail. Thanks Eddie

  2. Hey Eddie

    I got your seeds order via PayPal....thanks! I am sticking in a few Velvet Bean seeds for free for you to test in upstate New York. Since it is a heat loving tropical from India that LOVES Tampa I am curious what it will do for you this summer. Keep me posted. John

  3. Thanks John, I'll let you know-Eddie