Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photos of that A C Greenfix Chickling Vetch

This trial patch of vetch I am growing atop the dormant sweet potato patch is growing well in soil that was already fertile top dressed with urine soaked horse stall sweepings and some wonderful cold El Nino rains we've had. Since I treated the seeds with a rhizobia nitrogen fixing bacteria specific to it, I expect it has begun further nourishing the soil in that garden. At first glance it looks much like a grass, but a close look reveals that classic Lathyrus foliage. Anyday now I will use scissors to make the first modest harvest to feed to the chickens and quail. I am hoping it gets at least knee high, but we will see. It would awesome if it proved to be a perennial here in Tampa but I am not holding my breath as it is usually grown by northern farmers in summer.

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