Thursday, August 21, 2014

Years ago I built a shallow pond in front of my home office using scavenged materials, but each time I take out water hyacinths the water gets too warm for goldfish, then a thick layer of algae covers the hot water cabomba. But I am going to turn this problem into a solution that will beautify my front yard. I love Louisiana Iris, used to collect them, but they do best in VERY swampy acidic conditions, or even standing water. So I am going to lift the few mixed colors that are struggling in 4 gallon Water Wise Container Gardens buried in my fairly dry front gardens, sprinkle some iron sulfate and trace elements into that water to lower the pH, and place them in the pond and let them fully colonize it. In 2-3 years that pond should be STUNNING each March and April! As much as I like growing edible crops, I also love growing plants that are food for the soul. Here are pics of the colors that I think I have.

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