Sunday, August 24, 2014

For folks not on FaceBook: ANDY FIRK'S BAMBOO GROVE ANNUAL PLANT SWAP & SALE GARDEN PARTY October 4 - October 5 Oct 4 at 2:00pm to Oct 5 at 1:00pm More details coming soon. SATURDAY: 11 am, onwards: Gates open, $5 entrance fee. Noon - 2: Open meeting of the Southwest Florida Permaculture Group - come network with us, especially if you live from Naples north to Bradenton and inland a bit! 4-5: Garden tour. 5:30-7: Mega plant swap (bring cuttings, seeds, potted plants. Three areas: For give-aways, trades, or plants for sale. I will also have many plants for sale at this event, mostly edible plants. - Times to be announced: Tampa area gardening wiz, John Starnes, will present a workshop on Probiotic Gardening. My favorite worm expert, Sean Moore of Green Leaf Worm Farm, will present a workshop on "The Benefits of Vermicomposting." 7 pm: Potluck dinner (I have all of the utensils, plates, etc., that we need. Plus, the house kitchen will be open for all to use. 8 pm: Slideshow on Florida Food Forests (an updated version of the slideshow that I will show at The 2nd Annual Florida Permaculture Convergence). 10 pm: Quiet time. SUNDAY: 9 am: Potluck breakfast for campers. 1 pm: Gates close. I am heading out at 1 for a hike (my 50th birthday). (Cracker and I have attended 4-5 events there and always have a wonderful time with great folks, cool plants, fun camping and fine potlucks. Plus Andy is the consummate host.) **************************************************************** I've begun propagating and sharing Mary Jo's wonderful red pentas that dates to at least 1993 and that puts to shame any of the modern hybrids of any color in terms of vigor, longevity and constant bloom. Plus unlike the nectar free modern hybrids, it attracts butterflies. Despite the heat I now HOPEFULLY have two batches of Florida's iconic "Pink Cracker Rose" rooting rather than waiting for the autumn cool down. One of my life missions in my 60s is to get this super reliable, fragrant, Florida-friendly rose that was a common sight up until the late 80s back out into landscapes. No diseases or bugs, thrives own root without sprays, with the biggest best formed blooms in the cooler half of the year. ***************************************************************** There's been an increase of backyard chickens and ducks being killed, even in daytime....raccoons and coyotes are suspect. So far no problem here but is happening in Tampa and Pinellas communities.

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  1. Andy's address for this event: 2460 SW Mixon Street Arcadia FL 34266