Friday, August 29, 2014

I've been making fermented foods like kombucha, natto, tempeh, cheese, dairy kefir and kimchi for years. But I keep learning new techniques from folks at gardening gatherings, on FaceBook and on-line in general. A few months ago I saw on YouTube a new-to-me way of making skip the usual overnight salting/brining and just add the amount desired for taste. Yesterday I made these two jars of green papaya kimchi that way...they will sit on the counter for a week then spend until October in the fridge before I start to enjoy them. One contains pureed dried salted green backs I caught at Picnic Island Beach for added protein. The other contains one pureed ripe Scotch Bonnet pepper for heat. Each contains one pureed frozen Raja Puri banana to provide sugar for the lactic acid forming bacteria. When I've done this "skip the brining" before I got wonderfully crunchy kimchi.

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