Monday, August 11, 2014

I've grown 16 kinds here but currently have just an old Orinoco, an unplanted Namwa that Michael Spinelli gave me, and two Raja Puris that Mary Jo gave me....I gave the third Raja Puri to Allen Boatman who is growing it at the Vinoy School. The other 13 kinds grew here years ago before the drought settled in and when my yard was damp enough to support 170 roses out front and taro IN THE GROUND outback. The Raja Puri by my driveway has gotten fresh horse poop and food grade potassium chloride (aka muriate of potash) and is kept DEEPLY bears like CRAZY so I will feed the others the same way. I'm now harvesting my fifth cluster from it in less than a year...the colander full is yesterday's harvest and should be matched today. Most are destined to be peeled and frozen for smoothies and as a snack...frozen they are very much like dense ice cream!

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