Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thanks to Tricia and Mary Jo encouraging me to try canning jars for food storage vs. plastic (I haven't frozen anything yet) I am making kimchi far more often but in smaller 2 quart batches vs. the gallon jugs that were so awkward in the fridge. For this newest batch I will be brining until tomorrow afternoon two peeled, chopped large green papayas mixed with a LOT of chopped yellow onions, some chopped Giant Green Callalloo, Estrella chaya and sweet potato leaves, plus two small pads of thornless opuntia cactus. In my smaller Ninja blender I mixed garlic, roasted sesame oil, sweet shrimp paste, quite a few dried salted greenbacks I caught in Tampa bay, hot sauce, turmeric powder, raw ginger root, VERY hot sauce, a little sugar (to feed the bacteria), filtered water, and a bit of a killer batch of kimchee I made in 2006 that is now almost gone to add the right bacteria, blended it all, will store in the fridge until tomorrow, re-blend, then pour over the brined veggies once they are packed in the quart canning jars. I'll label and date them then store in the fridge until sometime late this winter and sample one. Cool that I got a case of 12 canning jars for $10 at Target. I forgotten just how much I enjoy making and eating kimchi, and folks who've tasted mine over the years liked them. I prefer to do LONG ferments for maximum in-your-face flavor.

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