Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm using this weekend to play catch up on garden chores I could not do those 4 days of rain, yesterday I slipped two big, slightly punctured white plastic waste bucket plastic bags over two LARGE flower plumes of "Giant Green Callalloo" in hopes of gathering the seeds as they form. One was already quite horizontal, the other was VERY tall so I had to stand on the ladder.....once it was in the bag I crimped the main stalk did not break and my instincts tell me that this won't impair the seed plume from ripening. I'll leave the bags on about 3 weeks then check. Vicki Conrad was not kidding...when the flower plumes are ripe they shed the tiny edible black seeds by the MANY THOUSANDS! Thankfully, the seedlings pull up easily and the chickens DEVOUR them. I figure that black garbage bags would cook them, but to play it safe I gave each white bag 4 knife slices to prevent build up of moisture and heat. This is truly a remarkable summer leafy veggie, mild, tender and PRODUCTIVE!

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