Sunday, September 22, 2013

My 1.5 year old plant in a buried 9 gallon Water Wise Container Garden whose drainage holes are about 5 inches from the bottom and drilled with a 1.5 inch paddle bit, has CONSUMED my west fence, a citrus tree, two cassavas, an Estrella chaya, and has now grabbed the Jamaican Cherry Tree. (I need to prune it away from that rare citrus, a Palestine Lime). I am sure the rains washing in free range chicken and duck poop has helped it achieve almost scary growth. I LOVE how the beautiful blooms look and smell. I started the plant from a seed from a fruit at Publix 1.5 years ago. Here are three of today's four passion fruits picked up off the ground. In about a week when they've wrinkled a fair amount they will be ready for of my VERY favorite fruits. I use a tea of the leaves to lower my BP after it spikes when I abuse salt now and then.

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