Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So much bounty to be thankful for here...

Harvesting and boiling and freezing big bags of Velvet Beans,  daily enjoying tender pods of Vigna unguiculata, oodles of Molokhiya seeds harvested for next summer, vast numbers of huge yam tubers underground all along my fence lines, fifteen (oops, fourteen)  Muscovy ducks and eleven chickens and thus plenty of eggs to eat and share and sell, thriving Bonar in a Baby Pool Garden, various Brassicas in other versions of Water Wise Container Gardens, winter annuals and Old Roses burgeoning and blooming out front as my revamp of the yard there accelerates, over one gallon of home fermented kefir with twelve species of beneficial bacteria bottled and cold in the fridge, three tanks of kombucha brewing away, freezers and cupboards and pantry stocked with food, was given a smidge of superb 420, my dog Cracker has settled happily in here and is literally THE smartest and most overtly loving dog I've ever had, no debt and no mortgage for years now, great health and vibrant sex drive, and daily gratitude for my many blessings.....Thank You Universe!!

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