Monday, November 28, 2011

Rain On The Way!

Cold front and rain coming soon so I just harvested yet another crop of ripe 'Fife Creek' okra pods and next will sow broccoli seeds in a Baby Pool garden. In anticipation of the rain I yesterday fed many of my roses some old citrus fertilizer Dad had in his shed vs. the usual horse or chicken or duck manure tea/home made fish emulsion as a little treat. Today I finish cleaning out the big limestone fish pond out front, pour in the 5 gallon bucket of limestone pea gravel a swimming pool construction crew gave me last week, then fill it and add nutrients to the water. Then in a week in goes the hot water cabomba then a week later some feeder goldfish. Once the bed around the pond is finished being tidied up and the edgings painted white, I will just have two narrow beds to new front yard will be orderly, tidy, cheery looking and boasting many own root roses in buried 5-7 gallon Water Wise Container Gardens, with perennials and annuals and papayas scattered about.

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