Monday, November 28, 2011


Just as 70% of our bodies' immune system is comprised of trillions of beneficial bacteria residing inside us, a healthy organic garden is one that teems with a vast array and number of micro and macro organisms that prevent and control disease and insect problems FOR us while increasing soil fertility. This approach is all-natural, completely organic and is very lost cost. Learn how to work WITH nature to create and sustain a probiotically vibrant garden ecosystem that blesses you with vibrant, pesticide-free fruits, veggies and herbs, even in the summer months. The cost is $20 per student, and the class is on December 31 from 11 AM until 1 PM. Please bring a notepad and pen. My address is: 3212 West Paxton Avenue, Tampa 33611 To ask questions or to confirm your attendance, feel free to call me at: 813 839 0881 Thanks, John

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