Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My wonderful dog Cracker this morning

When I got him last February he was skin and bones, TERRIFIED of car rides and my stepping outside even  for a second, already having been dumped by three female households....he is now ALMOST over his issue with women. He is incredibly affectionate, giving me easily 300 kisses daily! He likes to CHASE the chickens briefly but never hurts them, and while he was initially very jealous of the cats, meanly so at times, he now accepts them after my yelling at him after a few brutal actions on his part to my 14 year old Angel. He is great with Dad's dogs too and behaves well in hospitals when we visit him. He FINALLY got a permanent home he can trust, and I got ME after a wonderful dog 9 months after Sweety died at 14.  John

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