Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Duck Liberation

A call from my neighbor Theresa yesterday revealed that one of my two semi-free range female Muscovy ducks had regrown her flight feathers and was in the foreclosed yard next door! I am sure my failed efforts to catch her looked very Three Stooges-esque, then she fled through a hole in the fence.

So who do I see on my front porch this morning trying to get restaurant scraps from that familiar swimming pool tablet bucket?! By the time I came from the back yard with a stick, my intent to break her neck for my first (wussily long delayed) duck kill she'd reached the street and as I approached she broke into a slow very low level flight about two feet above the pavement, vanishing almost two blocks away. All those months of feeding and no duck meat!

I checked the rest of that flock and it SEEMS they each still have one clipped wing. After the holiday I WILL "man up" and grab the pellet gun and machete and finally do it as I have fourteen ducks and a dozen more eggs in the incubator....and I've read that Muscovy meat is delicious, a gourmet item in high end restaurants. If I rearrange the freezer I think I can make room for three of those very large carcasses.

She is one lucky duck...but if hunger brings her back here again, out comes the pellet gun and machete!

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